ABPA continues to partner with college undergraduates, including members of the Black Health Professions Organization (BHPO), for student outreach initiatives. The main purpose of these initiatives is to inspire middle and high school students to consider medicine as a career, especially Black students. 

ABPA Scholarship
Scholarship, Academic, and Leadership Resources
  1. Student Resources: We are compiling a list of resources to ensure students are successful on their journey to medicine. We need your support to complete this form with academic, financial assistance, leadership opportunities, or educational social media resources you would recommend. 
  2. Educational social media: Today’s youth communicate and learn information more through social media. That is why we have created educational content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to share with students from a variety of school networks. 
    1. Addressing Myths: Check out our most recent posts where college volunteers share a list of things they wish they knew before becoming a pre-health student in college. Please share our Facebook page, TikTok page, Youtube page, and Instagram page with your networks. So far our posts have been viewed over 2,300 times. 
    2. Living the life: Most aspiring doctors wonder what life will be like at various points of the medical journey. We want to briefly showcase what an average day as a doctor may entail in short 5-7 min videos. Don’t worry, no fancy video skills necessary! All you need is your phone and good lighting. Position your phone in the horizontal position and press record! The college volunteers will handle the rest after your email your video(s). You can record short segments of your day and submit them to our team to compile. We are in the process of contacting ABPA members who have already volunteered. If you have not yet volunteered to share a video, please complete this form for more details. 

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